Dynamax Agrisensors.NET is a web based data analysis center for growers and researchers interested in plant water relations, irrigation management, or plant stress.  Password protected data can be analyzed, graphed, displayed, or downloaded from the website.  

Here is a screenshot showing the map location of the farm and field with icons noting the SapIP system gateway and sensor locations.  The maps can be zoomed in and out quickly and easily and fields can be highlighted and marked.

View Farm or Ranch Data Separately

Current crop water use, weather, ET Evapotranspiration, soil moisture, and crop type can be displayed. These pages are customizable, so you get to choose what is displayed on each of your pages. The handy chart list on the left lets you easily switch between your data charts and graphs.

View Data Charts and Graphs in Detail Views

If you wish, detail views of data can be set up on separate pages and the data can be viewed in several different formats.  There is also a timeline, and days, weeks, or months of data can be graphed at the same time. A slide bar lets you move quickly back and forth through the data. Also, when your mouse cursor hovers over a chart, the detail data automatically appears. 

Use a Stress Factor to Manage Plant Stress and Schedule Irrigation

If weather data is collected and ET is calculated, and Stress Factor can be calculated. This will allow you to manage plant stress and schedule irrigation. Current crop water use is compared to water use when the plants were well watered and had no stress. A Stress Factor of 1.0 means No Stress, whereas a Stress Factor of 0.5 means the plants are using 50% as much water. You decide how much stress can be tolerated before beginning irrigation, and when you do irrigate, you know how much water has to be applied.

With Agrisensors.NET, scheduling irrigation and managing plant stress has never been easier. 


  • Account management with password access to field specific data
  • Data history saved for a full year or growing season
  • Interactive data graphics defined by the customer to show desired date ranges
  • Plant water use with soil moisture and field weather data displayed